Monday, May 7, 2018

Friendly Futsal update .. METALHEAD FT 12 - 10 JPI KB (7 mei 18)

Sebahagian daripada ahli-ahli Metalhead FT

Malam ani Metalhead FT manang 12 gol against 10 of JPI KB.. It was a fun and full of laughter during the game.. Both team main santai saja.. And tonight will be the last game for Metalhead FT coz after ani "rehat memanjang" untuk memberi laluan bulan Ramadhan and Syawal.. Gerenti main futsal barat lps atu hehee..

Anyways click link di bawah for the video..

Metalhead ft vs JPI KB

Thursday, May 3, 2018

Aktiviti Membaca Tahlil dan Doa Arwah serta membersihkan kubur di Anduki

Murid-murid darjah 4 dan 5 serta guru-guru lelaki yang turut serta.

Sempena bulan Sya'aban yang mulia ane dan inda lagi batah kan puasa SU PSN PMY Lrg 3 seria telah mengadakan aktivi bertahlil dan doa arwah dan di selajurkan dengan membersihkan kawasan2 kubur di Anduki petang tadi.

Bacaan tahlil dan doa arwah di pimpin oleh cikgu Rozaimi bin Awang.Alhamdulillah aktiviti tersebut telah berjalan dengan baik dan semua murid bekerjasama membersihkan kawasan perkuburan turutama kubur-kubur kaum keluarga mereka.



YESSS!!!! wwoohhooo....Last time liverpool were in the final back in 2005.. 13 tahun kemudian we are in it again.. Both team bermain berhati2.. But when liverpool score first its kinda a relief for me sine atu i know we can score again.. 2 goals were enough for us and then "bertahan" lah lapas2 atu hehe.. 

Roma did come back with goals even last2 minit pun kna bagi penalti.. tapi terlambat uda hehe.. HAPPYYYYY pure !!.. hehe anyways enjoy all Liverpool supporter we all deserve it.. 
Credit to Roma for playing with their hearts out and all the best for them in the future


Tuesday, May 1, 2018

Hassanal Bolkiah Trophy 2018 (HBT). Heart Break for Brunei..

Brunei are out from the Hassanal Bolkiah Trophy last night. The game was good and we did create chances. Myanmar tactics were better. They kept the composure and play the game with no pressure. Had they lost to the host both team still advance to the semi. The goal came when Brunei keeper try to block the ball and it bounced and 1 myanmar player first to react and hit the ball at the back of Brunei's net.

I don't know if Myanmar is the favourite for this tournament now. We just have to wait and see in the 1st semi final later..

Anyways here the link of the match if you miss it :

Brunei vs Myanmar HBT

Sunday, April 29, 2018

First cousin bersanding di Dewan UTB..

Md Aiman Akmal Bin Hj Abd Rahman dan isteri Masdiana Binti Awg Latip

Alhamdulillah selamat pengantin baru to my cousin Md Aiman Akmal.. Di Doakan semoga bahagia di dunia dan akhirat dan mendapat keturunan yang baik soleh dan solehah .. Amin.. Ya Rabbal Alaminn..

Bergambar bersama sebahagian daripada adik beradik Aiman and sepupu. (Bapa Aiman di belakang)

Me and my handsome brother :)

Friday, April 27, 2018

Hassanal Bolkiah Trophy (HBT) update... Brunei 2 - 1 Thailand.. Magic night at Hassanal Bolkiah Stadium!!

Final Score

Great game by the wasps. Brunei did the impossible. Thailand is one of the favourite in this tournament and Brunei managed to defeat them. Brunei first game against Timur Leste (so called weakest team in the tournament) was not that good. Losing 1 nil from the penalti spot. It was a bad start and Brunei need to do something to get into the game. And so they did by winning against the mighty Thailand!!.. Next game will be tough against Myanmar. That will determine whether Brunei can advance or not..

(Prince) Faiq did very well by assisting the first goal. But overall team effort counts the most.I try to upload the highlights ( both brunei against Timur Leste and Thailand) via my Youtube soon..

Wednesday, April 25, 2018

Futsal friendly update. Metalhead ft 14 - 7 Lumut liang team + Guru ugama

Some of the opponent yang hadir mlm ane :)

Finally manang jua akhirnya hehehe.. setelah 2 kali kalah berturut-turut dalam bulan April ane. Third time the charm right... 😁

Most of the enemies are my friends so tonight we really enjoy ourselves. No pressure just play some futsal and laugh.. 

Master pisah kissing the badge. Truely Reds supporters!!.. YNWA

Anyways here is the video link for tonight game.. enjoy all


I need to write this down since ia fresh masih hehe..THIS IS ANFIELD!!!... Great result by Liverpool fc especially goals from the mighty trio of Salah ( 2 goals ), Firmino ( 2 goals ) and Mane ( 1 goal ). First 20 mins didn't see much and it was quite a balance match. After that Liverpool went crazy and kept on attacking until produce 2 goals in the first half...

Second half it was a different story. Liverpool add another 3 goals which I'm very happy untill Roma scores 2 goals!!... I think Klopp replaced Salah too early with Ings.That changed the pace and momentum of the game especially the attacking department. Don't get me wrong I'm still happy Liverpool scores 5 goals but to concede 2 goals Roma still have a chance!!.. Remember Barca?? They won 3 goals and concede 1 and in the return leg Roma kick barca out of the Champions League!!..

Second leg will be interesting. Roma needs 3 goals to advance so Liverpool need to score away at the Stadio Olimpico .

My high light of the game :

* Liverpool front 3 were immense but the midfielders henderson and milner were incredible.
*Salah didn't celebrate his goals against As Roma (ex-club)
*Klopp pull out Salah too early.
*Ings was no where in the field
*Salah needs 4 more goals to reach Ian Rush all time record in 1 season

Kredit pictures taken from FB ( Miyatul WithLuv and Hairol Usop)

Tuesday, April 24, 2018


Let the picture speaks for it self.. Congrates Mohamed Salah for winning the PFA awards!!.. Im so happy for him and Liverpool FC.. Hopefully he can break the goals record and winning the UCL cup..
The semi-finals against Roma is just around the corner.. Good luck and all the best for Mo Salah and Liverpool FC.. YNWA

Sunday, April 22, 2018

1k calories shred... was it worth it??

Alhamdulillah done cycling 40km and shred 1k calories!!... I was happy .. I was doing a long solo ride at the lumut hi way without my friends (pisah and ganj)..  My route was from Lumut- seria - Lumut..

Awal ku btulak around 6.45am and along the way to seria saw many cyclist yang aku rasa practise untuk Brunei Classic. Good luck guys!!.. And apart from that on the way kan U-Turn there was a small bridge so i had to slow down but when i heard bunyi kereta ampir prasanku i was panicked and memigang biskal pun nda lagi btantu so trabah lah!!.. :) Baik ja nada kreta menyambut d blakang..
Lagging ku kuyak hehehe..

Anyways prior to that incident a girl wave at me which i didn't know her so ... hhhmmm aku lambai balik saja lah.. 😊

May be  kalau kan ride jauh aku pikir dua kali dlu coz riding solo is not fun..

konpom mandi padih ne tkana tampat luka atu hehehe